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Last Update: 4/16/22



Hello and Welcome

My name is Brent Wilburn, and I specialize in Pre-1898 Antique Firearms which date from the American Revolution, Civil War, and the Spanish-American War eras. While our primary focus is on 18th and 19th century American Arms such as Colt, Marlin, Remington, Smith & Wesson and Winchester, we will try our best to offer a wide-ranging selection of items for all collectors.

My business philosophy is based on twenty-nine years of collecting experience and sixteen years in the field of Antique Guns. If there were only one phrase I could distill from these years of experience, it would be "Reputation is Everything". I will always be a collector at heart and I know from personal experience what it is like to spend hard-earned money ordering something over the phone or Internet, only to be disappointed. My main goal for this site is to have satisfied customers who will come back in the future to add to their collections without hesitation. I have made a commitment to represent every item with a thorough description and detailed photographs.

Please note: No matter how nice these may appear, antique firearms are made from 19th century iron and primitive steel alloys that were never designed to withstand the pressures of modern ammunition. Nor were they built with operational limits exceeding one hundred years past their date of manufacture. All antique firearms are sold as collector's items only, and we do not endorse firing such weapons. We accept no liability, expressed or implied, as to the shooting safety of any weapon advertised on the site, regardless of condition.

Word to the wise: Check back with us often and you will be rewarded for your efforts! We are continually updating this site with new items. Antique firearms are difficult to find these days and usually sell quickly—especially on the Internet.


Antique Arms, Inc. | P.O. Box 2313 | Loganville, Georgia 30052-1947 | 678-471-1432 (m)