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Springfield Model 1812 Flintlock Musket w/ rare small Band Springs

A scarce example of the Model 1812 Springfield Flintlock Musket.  Of the 3 types, this is the one you almost never see with the small rectangular band springs....and the only US Gov't longarm to ever use these.  We had one of these 6 years ago and haven't seen another one since.  They're not very easy to find.  Rifle is complete with the exception of its early style floating swivels...bases are fine.  Even the ramrod is original.  Cartouches are still visible in the wood.  Lock has some pitting over the Eagle but the word "Springfield" is still visible along with its manufacture date of 1816.  Original flintlock...this is not a re-conversion.  Even the flint looks like its has been in the hammer jaws forever. 

Item# 0613




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