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Springfield U.S. Model 1812 Musket--Scarce Type II

This is a nice unaltered Springfield Model 1812 Musket with desirable Type II short band springs that came from the PA/NY area just recently. If you're a Springfield Collector of Collector of early US Martial Weapons, then you know how hard it is to find a Model 1812 Type II Musket and especially one still in original flintlock.  The last Model 1812 we found was almost 9 years ago at a show in North Carolina.  Can remember the fellow who bought it telling us he had collected every model of Springfield there was except this one... the Type II 1812 being the only one he lacked! Since then, we've kept our eyes open at shows for these but they rarely show up on the market...at least until now.

The Model 1812 was only manufactured at Springfield (Not Harpers Ferry)  Based on experiences learned in the War of 1812, the new design incorporated some improvements over the Model 1795 Springfield Musket although it was still based largely on the French Model 1877 Charleville Musket.  What makes the Model 1812 Type II unique compared to all other US Martial muskets ever made are the small rectangular springs used to secure the barrel bands. No other U.S. Model rifle or musket ever incorporated these springs.  This concept was apparently short-lived as its only found on the Type II...Types I and III Model 1812's share the more traditional longer band springs. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good with smooth grey metal that is turning to a light patina.  The metal is nice and smooth overall with the exception of some light frosting around the areas touch-hole and breech area.  Lock is marked "US" over "Springfield" with an Eagle in the center.  To the rear of the lock, its dated "1815".  Buttplate is also dated...the year being "1816"...this seems to be the norm for the Springfield Model 1812 as production didn't begin until around 1815/16 and my reference material states that locks have been found on them with dates as early as 1813. Lock works nicely. Original ramrod. Sling swivels have been removed but the mounts are intact.  Note the early type swivel block on the base plate for the trigger guard. The wood is in Fine condition with fantastic patina.  Perfect wood to metal fit...never been cleaned or sanded.  Original varnish is about 85% and has turned dark with fine crazing as its nearly 200 years old.  Just a fantastic  example of a rare and early US Model 1812 Flintlock musket.

Item# 1058




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