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Whitney 1816 Musket from Massachusetts Regiment

This is a US Model 1816 Musket manufactured by Whitney in 1833 that has been converted to percussion.  The barrel is marked "MS" on the barrel for the State of Massachusetts and there is a unit marking on the buttplate which reads "44 N.G.".  There are additional "N.G." stamps found on the stock and barrel.  The only unit we could find associated with the State of Massachusetts with that that number was the 44th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (Infantry) or aka the 2nd New England Guards Regiment.  The New England Guards title would explain the "N.G." abbreviations located in several places on the gun. 

The 44th Regt. Mass. Vol. Militia was formed in August 1862 as a 9 month Regiment in Readville, Mass.  The unit trained for about 6 weeks, were reviewed by the Governor, and boarded the steamer Merrimac for Morehead City, NC where it landed Oct. 28 1862.  The 44th was engaged at Rawle's Mill, the Goldsboro Expedition, Plymouth, and the Little Washington Garrison.  They helped destroy Confederate fortifications at Hill's Point, guarded the Goldsboro Railroad, and served on Provost duty in New Bern.  At the end of its 9 month tour, the 44th was shipped back to Boston in June 1863 and disbanded.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good.  The metal is a smooth light grey patina that is still in its original bright form underneath the barrel bands.  The lockplate is marked "US" but rather than the customary Eagle, its stamped with a unique brace of an olive branch crossing over an arrow symbol. This marking only occurs on Whitneys built from 1830 to approx. 1837.  "E. Whitney" is stamped underneath these markings.  Rear of the plate is stamped "New Haven 1833".  The top of the barrel is marked with a sunken "P", a partial US inspector initial, and the barrel tang is dated "1835".  The left side of the barrel is marked NG. VG wood with tight wood to metal fit. No chips, noteworthy cracks, or repairs. The wood opposite the lockplate has a faint oval cartouche along with an additional "NG" marking in two places. The 44th Regimental marking on the buttplate tang has a lot of heavy patina and dirt but is very good and would clean up nicely if desired. Personally, we'd let the age do the talking. Good+ bore and a sound action with hammer still cocking nicely on both half and full cock notches. A nice example of an 1816 Conversion with a State and Unit history.

Item# 0744




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