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1842 Aston Pistol

This is just a cheap wall hanger, a parts gun,  or you can fix it up and make some money.  Its a Model 1842 Aston percussion pistol in .54 Caliber.  Everything looks to be there and complete...its just in rough shape.  The iron is well-pitted.  The lockplate markings have been obliterated...if you look carefully, you can see a few letters behind the hammer but hard to read with all the pitting. The barrel tang still has a date of 1850.  Its funny how that works because you never seem find a date left on the barrel of any good US percussion weapon...but one that's pitted all over with most of the markings trashed will still have one.  Sometimes I think Mother nature has a cruel sense of humor!  The only other markings I can make out on the barrel are inspector initials "JH" over what looks like part of the letter "I"?  The brass is in good shape and you can read the tiny inspector initials with no problem.  The best part of this gun is almost the grips.  It has a great pair of inspector cartouches...you can read them perfectly....and the wood is actually fairly decent.  However, typical of so many Aston pistols, it has the obligatory crack in the handle running almost straight back with the grain where the handle turns down.  Structurally, it really doesn't matter because the solid backstrap and triggerguard brace the entire length of the handle....but a crack is a crack.  The captive ramrod is complete and all there.  Mechanically, the lock needs some work.  The hammer will cock but doesn't always hold.  Bronze Front sight is all there and intact.  Sold as-is.

Item# 0736




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