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 US Model 1861 Rifle Musket by Norfolk

This is a Model 1861 contract rifle manufactured by Welch, Brown and Co. of Norfolk Connecticut.  The Norfolk is one of the scarcer contracts for this model with 18,000 made from 1862-1863.  Standard .58 Caliber w/3 groove rifling,  40" barrel, and secured by 3 bands.  Lockplate marked "U.S. Norfolk" with an Eagle and "1863" date.  Barrel marked "VP" at breech.   Rear sight w/2 leafs graduated for 300 and 500 yards.  Buttplate is marked "US". 

Overall, NRA Antique Good condition.  The metal has turned to a brown patina...mostly smooth except for some pitting around the nipple and the ramrod which is original but shows some heavy pitting near the tulip.  Wood has been cleaned but solid with just a little burn-out behind the bolster.  Nice lock mechanics and a good+ to very good bore with original 3 groove rifling intact.  A good solid example of a lesser known Union Civil War contractor.

Item# 0686




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