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 Scarce 1st Year Mfd. US Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket

The Model 1861 Springfield was used heavily by the Union Army throughout the Civil War....but behind the Enfield and US Model 1842, it was also the 3rd most common weapon used to arm the Confederacy.  Standard 40" barrel in .58 Caliber with military sights, ramrod, and sling swivels. There weren't many Model 1861's produced during the first year of the war and those that were built more than likely saw years of hard usage.  Many didn't survive the war so we don't run across these with early 1861 dates very often. 

This particular musket has had some comsetic restoration done to it but is remarkably intact and original.  Overall, it grades to NRA Antique Good+ condition.  Like so many Civil War muskets, it was probably a good looking original gun that someone overly cleaned 40 or 50 years ago thinking they were doing it a service.  Ugghhhh!!!!!  In fact, this is one of the few rifles we've ever found with its original leather sling from the Watervliet arsenal...which is for sale separately as item 0743 in our Civil War section. The lock is clearly marked marked "1861" with an American Eagle over the arsenal marking "Springfield".  The top of the buttplate is marked "US".  The barrel was over-cleaned at some point resulting in the loss of the original markings near the breech.  These markings have since been carefully restored with the VP, Eagle, and 1861 date. The wood is solid with no repairs but was once heavily cleaned and had a tacky coat of varnish.  The wood was sympathetically restored to give it a more original appearance.  It still has respectable wood to metal fit and has surprisingly little burnout around the barrel breech.  No inspector cartouches remain.  Left side is marked with "TR", probably the soldiers initials who carried this rifle.  Original rear sight retains its original 3 and 5 hundred yard leaves.  Original sling swivels. The ramrod appears to be the only non-original component on this rifle but is a correct replacement that has been aged to match the overall appearance of the rest of the weapon.  Excellent lock mechanics.  .58 Caliber Bore still has its original 3 grooved rifling. 

If you've been looking for an affordable example of an 1861 dated US Model 1861 Springfield, this a great looking example that's never been cut or rebuilt...but carefully brought back to its original appearance.

Item# 0639




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