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Winchester Model 1866 Musket

This is an early Model 1866 Musket with the serial number is in the 31,000 range and made in 1870.  Standard Musket configuration in Caliber .44 Henry Rimfire with 27" round barrel with military sights and sling swivels.  Many of these early muskets are believed to have been shipped to Turkey where they were used against the Russians at Plevna in 1877.  There were also a number that sold to the Louisiana State Militia around the same timeframe. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good.  This gun shows a lot of wear with the barrel, magazine tube, and iron furniture mostly turned to a dark brown patina.  Barrel address is still visible but a bit light and partially worn in places.  The brass frame has aged to a deep marbled caramel patina.   There is one flaw worth noting. The right sideplate has a dark spot about 1/2" behind the loading port.  If you look closely, this area has a small hole that has been brazed with brass filler.  Its not particularly noticeable...we didn't even know what it was until I got curious and removed the sideplate and found it went through underneath the loading port spring.  The wood is in good condition overall....worn but sound with no cracks.  Wood to metal fit is decent with some slight undersizing along the upper tang.  Best of all, its actually original to the gun...as many 66's have ended up over the years with home-made or Model 1873 stocks.  This musket still has its original wood with the high comb.  Good working action with original dual fire pin still in the bolt.  Bore has decent rifling with some scattered pits...should clean up to good condition.  All in all, this is a decent example of the Model 1866 musket.  If you've wanted a brass-framed Winchester but couldn't afford the ever-rising prices...these 1866 muskets make a good economical alternative to the higher priced carbines and even higher priced rifles.  Oliver Winchester sold these muskets here in the States but especially to the world market where the Winchester 1866 forced Europe to re-think their weapons.  This led to the development of magazine rifles such as the Mauser Model 71/84.

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