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Winchester Model 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine

This is one of the nicest Model 1866 Winchesters we've ever seen!  100% original with lots of original finish remaining.  Configuration is a standard Model 1866 SRC in Caliber .44 Rimfire.  It comes with a Cody Letter confirming its carbine configuration and states it was shipped on May 28, 1883 with 69 other Model 1866's.  Standard 20" round barrel, full magazine, with late features that include the steel carbine buttplate and improved "1873" marked ladder rear sight. 

Overall condition is NRA Excellent with 85-90% bright original blue on the barrel and magazine tube that are mixing with a slight patina.  Both barrel bands retain 80%+ bright original blue.  The frame has never been cleaned and has aged to an attractive marbled mustard patina with sharp edges and perfect lines.  Even the loading port showing 90% bright vivid fire blue. Firing pin and bolt still show nearly all of their original finsih. Hammer and lever colors have faded out to a dark silver patina with traces of molten colors still visible.  The wood is in excellent condition with perfect wood to metal fit.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.   The wood still retains nearly all of its original finish with very few handling marks.  One small gouge on left side of stock about the size of a pencil eraser...otherwise, wood is almost flawless.  Excellent mechanics with original rimfire firing pins. Very good bore.  Original 3 piece cleaning rods are still housed in the buttstock. 

Just a fantastic example of Winchester's first lever action!  This carbine came from my friend Vince McMahon's collection almost a decade ago.  This would make a great addition to any Winchester collection as well as an excellent investment.

Item# 8104




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