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Winchester 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine

This is a nice 1866 Winchester in .44 Henry Rimfire with some original blue on the barrel and magazine tube. Serial number is in the 76,000 range.  Manufactured in 1870 making it an early 3rd Model saddle ring carbine.  This one is all correct with matching assembly numbers.  Barrel has the early type screw-in end cap, original saddle ring, and  screw-in lever latch.  Also, has the early front band sight and short flip-up rear sight with correct pointed style buttplate with trapdoor...all proper features on early 1866 carbines.  The buttstock even has its original set of 3 piece cleaning rods. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good+ with about 15% original blue remaining on the barrel and magazine tube.  Most of the stronger blue is located towards the protected areas around the rear sight, barrel bands, forend line, and in the recessed areas of the barrel and magazine tube.  The balance is mostly a brown patina but could use a very careful cleaning to remove some light surface rust in and around the patches of original blue.  The two line Barrel address is in excellent condition.  Brass frame has aged to a pleasing dark mustard patina and shows no evidence of having ever been cleaned.  Even the loading port has some original blue remaining.  Good to Very Good screws throughout.  Mechanically, everything works. Bolt has never been converted to center-fire and still retains its dual rimfire firing pins.  Bore should clean to very good...possibly better.  The wood is in fine condition and has strong wood to metal fit having never been cleaned or sanded.  Much of the forend and stock appear to have most of their original oil finish intact.  If you've been looking for a strong 1866 carbine only to get depressed looking at all the over-priced junkers on the market, this is a well above average and will not disappoint.  A very respecatable example with nice wood, some original finish, and fantastic brass!

Item# 0953




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