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Winchester 1st Model 1873 Rifle

This is a nice example of the 1st Model 1873 Winchester in Fine Condition.  Its a standard sporting rifle in 44-40  with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, crescent rifle buttplate, and set trigger.  We believe it also letters with special order Lyman long range tangent sights and globe front sight...we should have this verified soon.  Serial number is in the 12,000 range made in 1876.  The frame has 40-50% original blue streaking across the receiver...these wavy patterns are quite common on early 73's and are the result of striations from the forging process.  You'll also find similar patterns on some of the early large frame S&W's like the Schofield revolver.  As you can see in the photos, there are good traces of original case colors remaining on the hammer with the buttplate and lever mostly turned to silvery grey.  The barrel has original blue mostly in the protected areas...along the forewood, around the sights, and between the barrel and mag tube.  Wood is in fine conditon with nice wood to metal fit.  Correct screw in plug for the magazine tube and short rear sight. Nice bore and good action.  This is a well above average 1st Model with some great features.

Item# 9066




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