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Winchester 1873 2nd Model Deluxe Short Rifle

This is an early Model 1873 deluxe rifle with several rare features.  For starters, its a 2nd Model in 38-40, a caliber introduced just before Winchester came out with the 3rd Model...therefore you don't find too many of these in second model ranges.  To make things more interesting, early 38-40's are unique in that many have shotgun buttplates and a few turn up with shorter than standard barrels.  This one is no exception with a scarce 22" barrel length and shotgun buttplate.  Even more interesting is the 1/2 octagon barrel and button magazine.  The frame also sports a desirable case colored finish and the wood appears to be 1-2X burl walnut that is non-checkered.  Early style sights include the short semi-buckhorn rear and standard front with German silver blade. 

Factory records confirm its configuration:

  • 1873
  • sn 75541
  • date in: 9-24-81
  • type: Rifle
  • Caliber: 38
  • Barrel: 1/2 Octagon 22"
  • Trigger: Plain
  • Magazine: 1/2
  • Date Shipped:9-27-81
  • Order #:27809
  • Other Remarks: Casehardened

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent with the frame showing considerable amounts of original but fading case colors.  Left side shows 50% light colors that are subdued but still show flashes of brighter color here and there throughout.  The right side is a bit more mottled in appearance with about 20-25% discernable colors.  Lever has mostly turned brown with strong colors in protected areas.  Hammer is still quite nice with 80% strong colors remaining.  Forend cap is mostly faded out to a nickel silver appearance with 25% light case colors remaining. Dust cover and screw-in 2nd Model rail still show 75% strong original blue.  Loading port has 80% fire blue remaining.  Barrel is quite nice with 90% original blue intact.  Fine wood shows only light handling marks and excellent wood to metal fit.  Action is still crisp like new with considerable amounts of original blue on the bolt and firing pin.  Bore is Excellent+ to Mint...still mirror bright. This is a scarce configuration for an early model 73.

Item# 9158




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