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Winchester 2nd Model Rifle

This is an early Winchester 1873 sporting rifle. Caliber 44-40 with 24" round barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate with trapdoor. Serial number is in the 82,000 range which makes it a 2nd Model rifle. Out of 720,000, these are a bit harder to find...only about 56,000 made from 1879-1882.  Being early, their survival rate is probably a bit lower than the 3rd Models.  Its toward the end of the run...so probably shipped from Winchester around 1882.  This is just a clunker but it looks decent and still works mechanically.  Someone who knows how to tinker could probably improve it in a few areas and end up with a fairly decent 1873. 

The overall condition is basically NRA Antique Good.   Metal has been cleaned and is silvery grey.  Its not pitted or banged up.  Edges are a little rounded but generally decent except the muzzle and end of mag tube were heavily buffed. See photo.    Markings are a bit worn but legible. Component-wise, its mostly original with a few replacement parts...side plates match the gun but are 3rd Model type with the improved screw.  Good news is the assembly numbers on the stock, buttplate, and lower tang are all matching.  Still has its original 2nd Model rail and dust cover.  Still has the early 1st/2nd Model type bolt with the collar bushing. Rear sight is also original Winchester but from a 3rd Model.  Front sight is a Lyman.  Wood has been sanded and is under-size to the metal.  Forearm shows a lot of saddle wear...was cracked but now repaired.  Good screws throughout.  Action works...trigger pull is a little heavy.  Bore has some pits but will clean up to Good.  Not a great 1873 rifle but has a good look to it.

Item# 1008




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