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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle

A nice solid example of the Model 1873 in the ever-popular 44-40 Caliber and standard 24" octagon barrel. Serial number is in the 247,000 range.  Made in 1887.  Original Winchester sights and barrel address with the Henry and King's Improvement patents.  Upper tang is marked "MODEL 1873" braced by Fleur-de-lis.  This rifle is 100% original except for one small screw that secures the dust cover.   Top of barrel correctly marked "44 W.C.F." and brass loading block "44 CAL" in script. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine++  with 65-70% original blue on the frame with the balance toning to a plum patina.  Loading port still retains 50% fire blue.  Hammer and lever colors have mostly silvered out or turned to brown with some colors still visible in protected areas.  Barrel retains 85% original blue with some slight freckling while the full length magazine tube has toned to around 75% original blue.  Fine wood shows some nicks and scratches but still a very attractive light reddish orange hue with 90% original varnish intact.  A couple of minor chips and short cracks on the top edges of the forend where its thin and meets the barrel.  These are going nowhere but can be easily mended if desired.  Very good mechanics. Very Good bore...bright with strong rifling with a few pits.  If you've been looking for a nice 1873 but are shocked to find high end examples in 44 Cal now trying to sell with 10-15K price tags...here's one that's still pretty decent.  Its in the right caliber and configuration everyone seems to want with lots of finish, great wood, and for a fair price!

Item# 8221




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