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Winchester 1873 Rifle

This old 1873 Winchester was found in North Georgia and has a nice attic look to it with colorful untouched wood and lots of original blue in the corners..  Like most 73's that you see in the South, they are either in 32-20 or 38-40.  This one is a 32-20 with standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  Serial number is in the 176,000 range....which likely dates its manufacture to the early part 1885.  Standard semi-buckhorn rear sight.  Front sight is a Lyman hunting front. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+.  The metal has turned to a nice even brown patina overall with strong traces and patches of original blue towards the more protected areas.  The frame shows 20-25% original blue that is fairly strong towards the rear of the frame, with strong traces around the edges of the side plates, down in the receiver flares, around the hammer, and pretty much intact across most of the lower tang.  Loading port has some strong traces of original fire blue as well.  Barrel and tube are mostly brown with original blue down between the barrel and mag tube, along the wood line of the forend, and even some speckles on the forend cap.  Mag tube has some small dings along the sides.  Nice barrel address and caliber marking on top of the barrel.  Since this was built in 1885, it has the script caliber marking that reads "32 CAL" instead of the later type "32 WCF".  Brass loading block is also clearly marked "32 CAL".  Nice markings, sharp edges, and good screws throughout.  Dust cover has a small notch..where someone had trouble removing the slide screw. VG+ to Fine wood with about 80% original orangish-red varnish remaining on the stock.  There are numerous light nicks and scratches in the varnish but its completely untouched and has never been touched.  Forend shows more carry wear but still has 25% original varnish mostly towards the front. Great wood to metal fit that is tight and still protrudes slightly above the metal...just like when it left the factory.  Action works good.   Fair+ Bore.....not great but acceptable and what you'd expect to find on a black powder small bore hunting rifle from the 19th century. . It has good rifling throughout mixed with some scattered pits.  No rings or bulges.  All in all, a very respectable Model 1873 rifle that's got a good look to it with some age mixed with original finish.

Item# 0866




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