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Nice Winchester 1873 Rifle Made in 1898

This is a beautiful completely untouched Model 1873 standard grade sporting rifle with octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  Caliber 38 WCF aka 38-40. Serial number is in the 523,000 range....one of the last Antique 73's made in 1898.  Original sights include the standard semi-buckhorn rear with German silver blade front sight.  You won't find one more original than this one....it even has its original set of 4 piece cleaning rods in the buttstock.  Note these are the late rods with somewhat seldom seen iron tip instead of brass.  These became standard on 1873's in the early 1890's. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 80% original blue on the receiver, and 85-90% blue on the barrel and tube.  Generous portions of bright original fire blue remain on the loading port.  Hammer shows 70% good strong case colors...colors are fading to silver on the lever.  Excellent markings and very good screws throughout.  Wood is completely untouched with 75% thinning original varnish.  Perfect wood to metal fit is still sharp over the edges of the metal.  Excellent mechanics...action still SNAPS when the lever is closed and there is still a good bit of original blue on the firing pin and bolt surfaces.  Excellent bore is bright and shiny with strong lands and grooves.  A strong example of a nice untouched antique Model 1873 Winchester in a great caliber complete with cleaning rods....octagon barrel, lots of finish...all for a price less than a 32-20.  There is money left is this one or a good head start as an investment!

Item# 8235




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