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Winchester 1873 Rifle Made in 1890

Standard Model 1873 Winchester sporting rifle with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  Caliber is 32 WCF.  Original sights include the standard semi-buckhorn rear and front sight w/German silver blade.  Antique Pre-1898 serial number is in the 350,000 range. Mfd in 1890.  3rd Model configuration.  This rifle is a nice untouched example that still has significant amounts of original finish remaining on both the metal and the wood. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique VG+...Fine+ on the metal and VG wood.  The frame has 50-60% of its original blue finish which is thinning.  It has a few old scratches and is mixing with what I'd describe as a heavy brown patina.  Sharp edges and no pitting.  Barrel and magazine tube show 65-70% original finish that is darkening from age...but still clearly discernable as faded original blue....not brown....or plum brown.  Lever and hammer show strong traces of original case colors.  Brass lifter has a fantastic aged patina...as nice as they come...with a clear "32 CAL".  Nice markings and very good screws throughout.  Very good light reddish orange walnut wood has 75-80% original varnish mixed with a lot of small nicks and scratches...mostly on the forend.  In spite of the abuse, we really like this wood...it has "character". Normally, I'd call this good, but the color and all the original varnish is way beyond just "good".  Wood to metal fit is perfect.  No cracks or repairs.  Nice mechanics.  To our surprise, the bore on this rifle is in Very Good condition...still bright with strong rifling, very little pitting, and no rings or bulges.  Most small bore 1873 Winchesters made during the black powder era rifle bores are usually trashed.  This one is well above the norm.  If you're looking for a decent 1873, this one has a lot of original finish and colorful wood for a fair price.

Item# 0961




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