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Winchester 1873 rifle in 44-40

Winchester 3rd Model 1873 rifle in 44 WCF in attic "as-found" condition.  Standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate w/sliding trapdoor.  SN# 306,000 range. Made in 1889.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ showing some poor storage but remarkably little wear.  This is the kind of rifle that would really benefit from a good cleaning.  There is original blue from one end to the other on this rifle but its mixed with spots of patina and light closet rust.  The action is still tight like new and the bolt and firing pin still have most of their original blued finish.  Even high wear spots like the dust cover and upper tangs still show most of their original blue.  Overall the frame would be about 95% blue but the freckles and rust spots pull it down to about 75-80%.  There are still good bright case colors on the hammer and some on mottling on the lever.  The loading port has 85% fire blue.  Gorgeous Brass loading block that has turned a dark mustard hue. The barrel and magazine tube have 75% dull original blue with some rust spots.  Excellent wood still shows 95% original varnish that a little dark around the tangs from oil.  No chips, cracks, or repairs...and perfect wood to metal fit with the wood standing just proud of the metal...the original factory fit.  Never cleaned or had finish added.  This is the configuration every Winchester collector seems to want but so seldom finds with condition. If someone took the time to carefully clean this rifle, it would really stand out.

Item# 8225




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