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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle

This is a very strong example of the Winchester Model 1873 Sporting Rifle that shows very little use.  Standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, a crescent rifle buttplate.  In addition to the standard semi-buckhorn rear sight, this rifle came with a rare and correct dealer-installed long-range Lyman tang sight coupled with a Lyman Hunting front sight.  Serial number is in the 347,000 range and was Made in 1890.  Here is a copy of the email we received from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming concerning this rifle:


Here is your information according to our records.

  • Win. 1873, SN 347249
  • Date in:  10-1-1890
  • Type:  Rifle
  • Caliber:  44
  • Barrel:  Octagon
  • Trigger:  Plain
  • Date shipped:  12-31-1890
  • Order #:  23722

Jesi Bennett

Records Specialist

Cody Firearms Museum

Overall, condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus with nearly all of the original blue intact on this rifle showing remarkably little usage.  In fact, in terms of original finish, most of the minor losses are due more to 117 years worth of time and storage issues compared to actual wear.  The left side of the frame is almost like new with 96+% bright original receiver that has a little speckling of patina towards the front. The right side is closer to 85-90% bright blue with some minor spotting due to poor storage and a couple of pencil eraser sized areas of light corrosion.  If you look closely at the photos, you might see a few little light streaks in the metal.  These aren't scratches but natural forging striations that are normal on almost any Winchester built during the 19th century. The loading port retains 60% bright fire blue. Even high wear areas such as the dust cover, bolt, firing pin, bottom of the frame, and forend cap retain 90-95% of their original blue.  The barrel and magazine tube have 97% bright original blue.  Hammer has 95% bright case colors remaining while the lever and buttplate are mostly silvered out with evidence of some light cleaning.  Excellent screws throughout.  Mechanics are perfect.  The bore is in Mint condition.....shines like a mirror with no pitting and perfect lands and grooves.  Excellent wood with perfect wood to metal fit with no chips or cracks.  The wood has that right  "out of the attic" look to it with lots of raised grain and a wonderful patina over the original varnish that is mostly light reddish orange but beginning to darken in places.  There is even some light tiger striping through the walnut on the stock with slight hints of curl on the forend. Sights include the Original standard semi-buckhorn rear sight with original elevator.  Front sight is a Lyman Hunting Sight with matted face and Ivory bead.  The tang sight is a long range Lyman marked "73" underneath with an "1886" patent date.  The Lyman sights were more than likely purchased from the dealer back when this gun was new.  We checked under the sight and the blue is perfect like its been there forever and there are no extra holes. Given the high value of these long range tang sights and the fact that some collectors don't won't to pay extra $$$ for fancy sights, we are going to provide potential buyers with a couple of options regarding price.

Item# 0681




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