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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle

This is a nice example of an early 1880's vintage Model 1873 Sporting rifle in Caliber 32 WCF (aka 32-20).  The 32-20 was added to the lineup of Model 1873 calibers in the year 1882.  This rifle is in the 160,000 serial range and was manufactured in the year 1884.  This rifle has all of the stand features a the 1873 Sporting rifle with a 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate. Original semi-buckhorn rear sight and a gold-washed Beechs combination front sight.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 90%+ bright original receiver blue, 80% fire blue on the loading port, 80% lighter case colors on the hammer, and 30% very faint colors on the lever. Even the upper and lower tangs still have 95% original blue. The barrel and magazine tube retain 90% original blue with some brown freckling with a little touch up added around the upper tip of the barrel probably from a ding that was smoothed out.  Excellent markings throughout including 2 line barrel address and "Model 1873" on the upper tang.  Screws show some light turn marks but are all serviceable and in good condition.  Wood still has its light orangish red hues retaining nearly all of its original finish. Excellent overall showing only light handling marks and a few minor dings.  Wood to metal fit is perfect...very tight with wood swelling slightly proud over the metal surfaces just like it did when it left the factory.  Bore is in Good overall condition with decent rifling and some scattered pits..typical of an 1880's era Winchester that used black powder....with no rings or bulges.  If you're looking for a sharp Model 1873 Winchester in Excellent condition, this would be hard to beat but don't take our word for it...shop around.  Have you seen prices on 73's lately????  I realize if this were a 44-40, it would command a bigger price tag than that of a smaller caliber...but even lately, we've seen 32-20's at shows priced from $3500 all the way to $6000!!!!  In fact, we just saw a 73 in 32-20 very similar to this rifle at a local show priced at $4400.  The days of nice 1873's with lots of blue for under 3K are just about come to an end. 

Item# 0380




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