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Winchester Model 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine

This is an exceptionally nice Model 1873 SRC that was formerly in the Vince McMahon and Gary Robertson Winchester Collections.  Standard 20" round barrel, full magazine, and carbine buttplate with saddle ring and standard ladder sights.  Nearly all 73 SRC's were chambered in 44-40 but this one is the much scarcer 38-40.  Of the few 38-40's I've seen over the years, this is the 2nd best one we've ever seen.   The best 38-40 we've ever seen is a 1903 vintage SRC that recently sold for more than double what we're asking for this example.   This carbine has an antique Serial Number is in the 273,000 range and was made in 1888. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 75-80% original receiver blue that is starting to frost with a light speckled brown patina.  In terms of actual coverage of original finish, its more in the 90-95% range......but the patina that's beginning to haze into the blue pulls it back down to around 75-80%.  Only blemishes are a few light scratches on the left side of the frame just ahead of the sideplate.  The saddle ring has worn a very nice light shadow on the frame.....the true mark of a good honest carbine that still has its original saddle ring.  The  loading port still shows 85% solid original bright tempered blue   Hammer has mostly silvered out with traces of faded case colors still present.  Lever colors have mostly faded to silver or frosted over to a smooth brown patina.  Barrel and magazine tube are much like the frame...they show very little wear with  90-95% coverage overall.  However, with brown patina freckles mixing through these areas, it pulls the total percentage down to about 80%.  Excellent markings and sharp edges throughout. Excellent wood showing very little handling wear...no scratches, bruises, cracks, chips, etc. can be found anywhere.  Wood to metal fit is perfect with its original factory fit where the wood stands slightly proud of the metal.  Winchester did this to compensate for shrinkage in case their rifles ended up in dryer climates.  Excellent mechanics.  Bore is Good overall with no rings or bulges.  Comes with its original 3 piece set of cleaning rods are stored inside the buttstock. 

Item# 8223




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