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1879 Trapdoor Rifle

This is a nice example of a Model 1879 Springfield Trapdoor rifle in 45-70. This is a pure 1879 still in its original unaltered configuration with no later military upgrades. Still has the original early style ladder sight marked "R" for Rifle and early style smooth trigger. Stock still has a decent cartouche that is legible and dated "1882". Serial number is in the 200,000 range. Nice Circled "P" below the triggerguard. Original sling swivels and ramrod.

Overall condition is Fine with 90% faded blue on the lockpate and 80% case colors on the breech block...starting to brown and thin somewhat. The barrel retains 80+% original blue with the balance turned to a light patina....however there is some pitting on the left side of the barrel near the muzzle and a little on the forend cap due to poor storage (see photo)...Otherwise, metal on this rifle is exceptionally nice. 75% blue on barrel bands and springs. The stock is in Fine+ condition with good cartouches, perfect wood to metal fit, and has not been refinished. Bore has strong rifling...not dark...with some light scattered pits...no rings, or bulges. Its at least a good bore...but I have not cleaned it so it may clean up better. Just a good example of a pure 1879 with lots of finish.

Item# 0309




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