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Winchester 1886 Deluxe Rifle w/ 30" Barrel & More

Winchester Model 1886 rifle with special order 30" octagon barrel, Double Set triggers, and Pistol Grip Stock.  Standard full length magazine and crescent buttplate.  Caliber is in 40-82 WCF.  Technically, this is what collectors call a semi-deluxe rifle as the wood is pistol grip but in standard grade walnut without checkering.  Its also antique Pre-1898 production. Serial number is the 106,000 range.  Made in 1896. Nice markings with correct barrel address, caliber marking, and tang markings for an 1896 vintage Winchester Model 86.  Hammer has the decorative dipped border and the small buttplate...also kosher for an 1890's vintage Win. rifle.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+ with 15-20% faint colors mostly around the screws, corners, and around the protected surfaces surrounding the loading port.  Balance is faded colors that have turned to silver mixed with patina.  Left side of the frame where the receiver flares out to meet the forend has a small area of pitting.  Loading port shows traces of original fire blue.  Bolt retains 75% original fading blue.  Barrel and magazine have 30-40% original blue that is faded.  Rear sight is the ladder type marked "1886" at the top.  Standard front sight with German silver blade.  Fine wood still retaining most of the original varnish.  Nice wood to metal fit.  Wood shows minor wear with a few minor blemishes and tiny chips off the corners....well above average.  Good screws overall.  Action works nicely.  Double Set Triggers also work correctly.  Bore is Good+....nice rifling, still somewhat bright, with some spots of light roughness down in the grooves.  Some of this may still clean out.  No rings or bulges. This bore was full of dust and dirt and we only brushed it out a couple of times to assess condition.  A good solid example of a semi-deluxe rifle with some great features.  Its been a long time since we've had another 30" barrel in the Model 1886...not to mention one with set triggers.

Item# 8406




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