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Winchester Model 1886 Rifle in 45-70

This is one of the nicest Model 1886 Winchesters we've had in quite some time in the desirable 45-70 Caliber.  Standard 26" round barrel, full magazine, crescent rifle buttplate, and ladder sights.  Serial number is in the 86,000 range and dates to 1894.  This rifle comes with an old yellow sheet  (These were given to members of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center for research purposes..not as pretty as a Factory letter...but says all the same things) from the Winchester Museum in Cody Wyoming...and will letter exactly as it is.  It went into the warehouse on 4/27/1894 as a rifle in 45-70 with round barrel and plain trigger and shipped on 6/14/1894 to order No. 15251.

Item# 8404




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