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Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun

This is one of the nicest Model 1887 shotguns we've had in several years.  The Model 1887 and its successor, the Model 1901 were the world's earliest repeating shotguns based on the lever action principal.  Standard 12 gauge with 30" barrel, pistol grip, and shotgun style buttplate.   Antique, Pre-1898, this one was made in 1892 with a serial number in the 43,000 range.  Top of barrel is marked "12" while the lower tang has the Winchester Company's address and two 1886 patent dates.  Left side of frame has a nice WRA Co. monogram.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine 70% original case colors on the frame which range from mostly strong down to moderate brightness.  The balance is a mixtured of silvered out colors and patina.  There are 3 spots of light pitting (probably from blood) along the top of the frame that have turned brown.  The lever/breech also shows some good bright flashes of original case colors. Nice screws and edges throughout.  Barrel and magazine tube exhibit 75% original blue that has turned dull.  With the exception of a few nicks and scratches towards the back of the butt stock, the wood overall has survived the past 115 years in excellent condition still showing 90% original varnish.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Bore is still somewhat bright some scattered some scattered light pitting...good overall.  Action works nicely with case colors still visible across the face of the breech....so probably little usage.  A nice example of a Model 1887 Winchester shotgun.  Average ones are common but nice examples rarely come up for sale.

Item# 8802




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