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Winchester Model 1887 Lever Action Shotgun

This is about as nice an example of the Model 1887 Winchester as we've ever seen!    Overall, it has about 92-95% VIVID original case colors on the frame with a little bit of patina hazing through.  Most of the original protective layer of lacquer applied over the colors by the factory is still intact.   Standard 12 Gauge with 30" round barrel and full choke. Designed by John Browning, the 1887 was the world's first lever action shotgun. Nice early serial number is in the 21,000 range which dates it to the year 1888 or 2nd year of production.  Since its second year production, it has all the early features you would expect to find on an 1880's vintage Model 87, which include, the early frame, 2-piece forend held by a single screw, and the block-type magazine retainer located on the bottom of the barrel.  Winchester address and John Browning's 1886 Patent dates are located on the lower tang with the early arrows instead of the dash-marks.  See photo. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent Plus condition.  As stated earlier, the original case hardening is just about perfect with most all of the colors on the frame intact.  The bolt and lever also show high percentages of strong case colors with the only noteworthy fading confined to the lever handle and upper tang from where it was carried. The barrel has 90%+ original blue with a couple areas along the top near the muzzle and the breech that appear to be toning to brown...otherwise, the barrel is perfect.  Magazine tube has about 97-98% original blue.  Wood is in fantastic shape and is still light orange-red in color.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Perfect wood to metal fit.  One small gouge on left side of stock (see photo).  Action works flawlessly...and internally, its loaded with additional case colors...just look at the face of the bolt (see photo).  Bore is Excellent...bright and shiny with no pitting!  All in all, this 1887 shows very little use, but has enough age on it to let you know its the real deal and NOT a restoration.  Most 87's were used hard!  As a result, very few of these 1887's have survived with this level of original finish intact....less than 1-2% in our estimation. This is what every good Winchester collection needs to fill in that gap between your case colored Model 1886 and the early 1890 Rifle.

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