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US Springfield Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle

This is the last variation of the trapdoor Springfield known as the Model 1888 complete with original leather sling and ramrod bayonet.  It was also the last black powder rifle in 45-70 adopted by the US military and served both in Cuba and as late as the early 1900's in the Phillipines.  This particular rifle has been in storage for many years and has an old coat of grease and patina over the metal and wood.  The serial number is in the 505,000 serial range with an 1890 dated cartouche on the left side of the stock.  There is a circled "P" just below the triggerguard on the stock that is followed by some type of Unit designation, "5A 31".   

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine that should improve considerably with a careful cleaning of the dried grease and haze from the metal and wood.  The breech still shows faded case colors but there may be more in areas underneath the age-darkened grease.  The barrel appears to retain much of its original blue remaining.  The wood looks nice and like the metal, appears to have a considerable amount of original finish underneath the haze. Very few handling marks or dings.  Original Buffington rear sight and post front sight.  Action works nicely and breech seats firmly with no noticeable play or wobble.  Bore is VG...still bright with strong rifling with only minute signs of light corrosion in a few places....which may just be dirt from years of storage.  The man who owned this for the past 40 years claimed his relative used it hunting and had bagged several deer with it over the years.  The original leather sling is in good condition...still soft and pliable but could use a little conditioner.  This gun should look fantastic with a little bit of cleaning.

Item# 9141




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