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Winchester Model 1890 Rifle

This is an early Winchester 1890 rifle with case colored frame in caliber .22 short w/standard 24" octagon barrel.  This one is a very early 2nd Model w/the takedown frame. Antique Pre-1898 Serial number is in the 20,000 range which dates its manufacture to the year 1893.   Early 2 line barrel address w/correct original non-adjustable sights.  Upper tang has the Model and Patent dates. 

Overall, this rifle grades to NRA Very Good Condition with 50% silvered out case colors on the frame w/balance turning to a light patina.  The barrel and magazine tube are mostly a light patina w/traces of original blue in protected areas.  Bolt has the majority of its original blue that is faded and age-darkened. The metal surfaces on this rifle are nice and smooth w/no pitting. Nice markings and edges throughout.  Very Good screws.  VG+ original walnut stocks w/no cracks, chips, or repairs.  Forend has some slight edge wear to the corn rows but is nice and solid.  Stock still retains some original varnish, has never been sanded, and exhibits flawless wood to metal fit w/edges still swelling slightly above the metal.  Only aesthetic flaw worth noting is a small patch of superficial scratches on left side near buttplate. Like most 100+ year old black powder era rifles in .22 Caliber, the bore isn't going to win any beauty contests but its not bad and better than avg.  Bore has good rifling that's dark down in the grooves but would probably improve w/cleaning.  No bad pits, rings, or bulges.  A nice little example of an early Model 1890 w/case colored frame.

Item# 0619




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