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Winchester 1892 Rifle w/ Early 3 Digit SN#

A very early Model 1892 Winchester rifle with a serial number in the 700 range.  In 20 years of collecting, this is probably the 2nd earliest 1892 we've ever had and in one of the most desirable configurations.  Standard rifle in Caliber .44 WCF with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  It has its original standard Winchester sights which include the semi-buckhorn rear and German silver front sights.  This rifle is completely original and has all of the earliest style markings and knurlings found on 1st year production guns.   Hammer has the earliest style decorative dipped border knurling. The caliber marking is located behind the rear sight marked "44 W.C.F." Early style 2 line barrel address on the top flat reads:

  • --MANUFACTURED BY THE--                         

and Upper tang marking reads:   

  • MODEL 1892
  • PAT. OCT. 14. 1884. 

Overall, this rifle grades to NRA Antique Good+ to Very Good- condition with the metal mostly worn to grey metal that's subsiding over to a light brown patina.  Strong traces of original blue in protected areas of the frame and about 10% barrel and tube.  There is some shallow blood pitting that's scattered in a few places..mostly confined to some spots on left side of the frame, and a few spots located on front half of the barrel and tube.  We wouldn't go so far as to say pitting is ever a nice thing to find on an old gun. However, this Winchester has so much character that it blends in rather well with the overall appearance of the gun.  A few traces of original case colors on the hammer with the balance silvered out.  The loading port also retains traces of original fire blue in protected areas.  The screws are in decent shape overall and caked with a hundred years of dried oil and crud.  Very Good walnut wood having never been sanded or cleaned.  Both stock and forearm have typical handling and hunting wear from being carried out in the woods but solid.  Nice wood to metal fit that is not undersized...still swelling slightly proud of the metal....with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Very good mechanics.  Good+ bore.  A nice solid example of one of the earliest Model 1892's.

Item# 8503




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