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Winchester 1892 Sporting Rifle

This is a strong example of an early Model 1892 sporting rifle with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  Its in .32 WCF Caliber (aka 32-20).  It was mfd in 1896 with early style barrel and tang markings.  Original sights include standard semi-buckhorn rear sight and German silver blade front sight.  This rifle is 100% original down to the smallest screw.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 93% bright original receiver blue with minor losses of finish on the edges and a some freckles due to less than adequate storage at some point over the past 110 years.  Even high wear areas such as the belly of the frame and upper tang have nearly all of their original blue intact.  The bolt still shows 97% bright blue with the original tempered straw colors across the extractor. 85% original fire blue on the loading port. The hammer retains 65% vivid case colors still coated with its original lacquer and 75% colors remaining on the hammer.  Barrel and magazine tube still show 97% original blue with just a few specks of loss near the front sight.  Forend cap still shows 90%+ original blue.  Excellent untouched walnut wood has still kept its original reddish orange hues with 95% original varnish on the stock and 80% on the forend.  Perfect wood to metal fit with no chips, cracks, gouges, or repairs.  Excellent mechanics and a Fine bore that would grade 8 out of 10.  If you're looking for a strong Model 1892, this is about as nice of an early rifle as you'll find for the money.

Item# 8512




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