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Spanish-American War Model 1893 Spanish Mauser

Here is a gun that gave the US Army a pretty tough time during the Summer of 1898.  The Model 1893 Mauser was Spain's primary weapon during the Spanish American War. Its accurate smokeless ammunition, strong action, and fast reloading time, proved superior over the American Springfield Krag rifle.  Just ask Teddy Roosevelt, he literally had his glasses shot from off his face going up Kettle Hill by one of these Mausers.  After the war, some of these captured Model 1893's were used in the development of the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle which went was used for 40+ years by the US Military. When the Spanish Army surrendered its stronghold in Santiago, a few thousand of these Mausers were taken back to the United States.  Around 1899, they were auctioned off to dealers and sold off to the public.  See photos from Bannerman's and Kirtland Bros. NY NY. 

This particular rifle is in Good overall condition retaining that has turned mostly to a dark brown patina.  Metal is decent overall with the exception of some pitting on the buttplate. .  The top of the receiver is dated "BERLIN 1894" with the Spanish Crest.  Stock also has a nice Spanish Crest dated "1894".  Numbers are all matching except for the cleaning rod which is a un-marked replacement.  Wood is solid with no repairs, cracks, or damage...just plenty of little handling marks from military service in a tropical environment.   Bore is in Good+ condition and will probably clean up to Very Good or better.   This is a nice rifle with a great early Span-Am War pre-1898 date.

Item# 1063




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