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Winchester Model 1893 Riot Shotgun

This is an old Model 1893 shotgun that was designed for 12 gauge black powder ammunition.  Today, these guns are fairly scarce as most were destroyed by Winchester in a product recall.  Unfortunately, as smokeless powder shells began to enter the marketplace during the mid-late 1890's, it was discovered that the 93's action was not strong enough to handle these more potent smokeless loads.  Winchester re-designed the gun with a slightly stronger frame and designated it the model 1897.  Hoping to avoid lawsuits, the company offered a brand new Model 1897 in exchange for any Model 1893 returned back to the Winchester plant.  Most owners did in fact send their 93's back to the factory where they awaited destruction however, not all were and today, there are some survivors. 

This is in the rare Riot gun configuration  w/20" barrel and cylinder bore.  Actually, this gun started out its life as a 30" barrel but somewhere along the way, someone had cut it down to 27".  Rather than leave it at such an odd non-factory length, we chose to have it professionally shortened to be an exact clone of a 20" Riot gun.  Winchester produced just a handful of Model 1893 riotguns making these a very difficult variation to procure.  I've heard that Carnegie Steel even kept a few on hand. Although  this isn't an original Riot, it looks great and best of all, its priced for just a fraction for that of a rare original.  In fact, there was recently an original 1893 riot shotgun that sold at a major auction house $9600. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ condition w/85% original frame blue.  The barrel has turned mostly to a light grey patina w/25" original blue in the more protected areas.  Magazine tube shows about 50% original blue.  Nice barrel markings w/early patent dates and correct early slide arm marked "MODEL 1893".  Nice early 3 screw forend with no cracks and early round knob pistol grip stock.  The wood is in fantastic shape retaining 90% original varnish overall.  Nice action and good bore.  Well above average condition for a surviving Model 1893.

Item# 0577




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