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Winchester Model 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine

This is another nice early example of the Model 1894 Winchester SRC with a low antique serial number.  Its a standard carbine configuration with 20" round barrel, full magazine, carbine butt, saddle ring, and ladder sights.  This is one of the earliest SRC's we've seen in Caliber .30 WCF (aka 30-30) with a serial number in the 20,000 range and built in 1895.  The first year the 30-30 smokeless powder cartridge was introduced and marketed by Winchester.  Most early 1894 carbines receieved harsh use as utility guns as they were designed to be carried on horseback.  Today, most of the ones you find have received hard usage in comparison to their sporting rifle counterparts.  Furthermore, Winchester produced the 1894 carbine variation in significantly smaller numbers than post 1900 production making a nice example of an early SRC a challenge to find.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ Condition with 75% original blue on the receiver with forging lines.  Many newer Winchester collectors believe these are scratches but they're actually striations from the forging process and most early 1894's have them on one level or another.  Barrel and magazine show 90% original blue.  Nice early style markings include the 2 line Winchester barrel address on top of the barrel and 3 line markings on the upper tang including John Brownings August 21, 1894 patent date.  Hammer has the early style decorative dipped border pattern around the checkering.  Original 2 leaf Express rear sight is in nice shape.  These are very fragile sights and the thin leaves were always suspectible to chipping.  We had to have the 50/100 Yard leaf was chipped so we had it replaced so its good as new.  BTW, there was only one place you could get an Express sight repaired.  The man who used to rebuild these is now retired and no longer accepts work so we felt pretty lucky to get this one rescued.  Front sight is the original block with a Lyman insert.  Very Good screws overall.  Nice walnut wood with fantastic grain...especially on the stock. Fine+ condition overall.  The stock has a small 1/4" plug where a non-factory swivel was removed...well done and hardly noticeable.  Nice wood to metal fit and very few handling marks. Very Good bore and nice action.   A very strong example of an early 1st year production 30 CAL 1894 SRC.

Item# 0654




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