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Early Winchester 1894 Rifle in 25-35 WCF

This is an early Model 1894 Winchester sporting rifle in Caliber 25-35 WCF with an antique Pre-1898 serial number in the 48,000 range (mfd early 1896).  Standard sporting rifle with 26" round barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  The front sight is a Lyman hunting front...a very good sight that features an ivory tipped blade that's matted across the front to reduce glare. The rear sight is a standard 2 leaf Winchester express sight which would have been standard on an early smokeless powder rifle. The barrel has the early style Winchester address and caliber markings across the top and the Nickel Steel barrel marking in its proper place on the left side just behind the rear sight.  Hammer has the early style checkering with dipped border.  Upper tang has the correct Winchester and Model designations along with Jonathon Browning's August 21, 1894 patent date.   The 25-35 was introduced along with the 30-30 in 1895 for the Model 1894 as two of the first commercially available smokeless powder cartridges in the world.  The caliber was basically intended as a light hunting round for small to medium sized game.  We've heard an interesting tale over and over through the years from a multitude of South and Middle Georgia farmers who claim the 25-35 is the world's greatest caliber for shooting underwater at fish.  Now's that's what I call a lazy fisherman and BTW, this should be in no way construed as an endorsement to try this at home!!!     

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent 80% original receiver blue and 95% original blue on the barrel and magazine tube.  The loading port still shows 85% bright fire blue.  Hammer shows 85% strong original case colors while the lever has mostly silvered out with 15% colors remaining near the top just below the action.  Very good screws overal. Near Excellent wood with some light handling marks that's untouched with perfect wood to metal fit.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Nice action with a Very Good bore.

Item# 0628




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