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Winchester Model 1894 Rifle

This is a really sharp-looking example of an early  Winchester 1894 sporting rifle in caliber 38-55. Standard 26" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  Early Pre-1898 Antique serial number is in the 16,000 range which dates it to circa 1895.  It has a nice complete set of early-period Lyman sights which include the folding rear tang sight, a No. 6 adjustable 2 leaf sight, and a combination folding globe front sight with ivory bead.  This set-up allowed the user 6 different combinations of sights set-ups while hunting simply by flipping one up or down, etc.  The No. 6 rear sight is especially useful because it gets out of the way by folding completely flat while using the tang sight.  Early style markings and knurlings. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 85% bright original blue on the frame and 95% on the bolt.  You can see a few forging striations showing through the blue...this was common on early guns and they appear in the form of little way lines.  Note: These forging lines are not scratches but to be accurate, there are also a few light scratches towards top of the left side of the frame. The loading port has 80% bright fire blue.  The barrel and tube still show 80% original blue. The original owner neatly stamped his initials, "JLH" in small letters on the right side of the octagon barrel just in front of the frame.  The hammer has 80% case colors remaining while the colors on the lever have faded out almost completely to silver with 15% discernable colors remaining towards the front nearest the action.  Case colors on the buttplate are very similar to the lever...they have faded to an attractive nickel-silver appearance.  Very good screws throughout.  The wood is in excellent condition with only minor handling marks.   Its still light reddish brown in color with much of the original varnish remaining.  Nice working action.  There are no cracks or repairs.  One minor chip or gouge is located at the front corner of forend behind the retaining cap...about half the size of a pencil erasor.  The bore is excellent with strong lands and grooves that are still shiny and few signs of roughness.

Item# 8604




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