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Rare Chilean Navy Mauser 1895 Rifle

Mauser Model 1895 Rifle in 7mm manufactured by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin. Antique, pre-1898 production. This one is a very scarce Chilean Naval Contract.  Over the years, we've seen lots of military Chilean 1895's from Fair to Mint condition....but this is the first and only example of a Chilean Navy we've ever come across.  The fellow we got it from knew some people who worked at Interarms many years ago.  This was apparently one of the odd-balls they had tucked away in their warehouse.  Note: Since its antique, there are no import marks.  Instead of the traditional Chilean crest, the top of the receiver bears a fouled Naval anchor with a Chilean star.  See Photos. Robert Ball's book, Mauser Military Rifles of the World 4th Ed. notes on page 77 that the Chilean Navy only used a small number of these rifles.  The serial number is very low, #157 with no batch pre-fix.  Given that there is no block letter, this was probably a very small run for the Navy of perhaps a few hundred rifles and carbines.  There is also one pictured in Ball's book that is also a very low 3 digit number in the 300 range.  All the numbers match 100% which include the receiver, stock, bolt, rear of bolt, trigger/magazine housing, floor plate, and cleaning rod.  Left side of stock has the Chilean national crest with Chilean acceptance markings "M.F." beneath. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent.  Being a Naval gun and exposed to salty air, it was probably returned to Mauser during its service life over 100 years ago for a re-furb.  The good news is that if you already have a Mauser Model 1895 Chilean Army rifle in near-perfect condition, this rifle would show very well with it on display.  One of the biggest challenges for Mauser collectors is finding rare variants and smaller contract rifles is condition.  Often, these guns were used hard and/or poorly stored and won't go well in overall appearance next to a 1895 Chilean, 1891 Argentine, or 1909 Argentine in mint condition. This one looks like a minty gun from a few feet away as the work was well-done with markings, knurlings, and edges left intact.  Metal has has 97% blue.  Bolt and sight ladder are still bright with most of the fire blue remeaining on the sight elevator, band springs, magazine charger, trigger, screws, and band springs.  Very good markings throughout.   Wood is Excellent with nice light hued walnut that's solid and has nice wood to metal fit.  Both serial number and Chilean crest/cartouche, are in excellent condition.  Action works nicely and good+ bore with strong rifling.  A very rare opportunity to pick up a rare Chilean Naval Contract.  Comes with original brass muzzle cover.

Item# 0845




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