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Mauser Model 1895 Rifle -Unissued & Near Mint-

Model 1895 Mauser Chilean Contract Mfd for Chile in 1895 by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin.  Standard 7mm Mauser with 100% All matching Numbers...including the bolt and cleaning rod.  This one appears to be right out of the crate and has never been cleaned!  It's still wearing its original packing grease (gold to brown haze over the metal) with bright vivid original blue underneath. Overall, NRA Antique Excellent+ Condition with 98-99% original blued finish remaining.  Screws, band springs, trigger, bolt release, sight elevator, etc. have fantastic fire blue...mostly with a film of grease over top. Even the butt plate screw which usually rests against the ground and is often the most worn screw on a military rifle, is nearly perfect with over 95% bright fire blue.  Rest of the screws are 99-100%.  Under the grease, the bolt still shows most of its original bright finish.   The wood has 114 years worth of patina across the surfaces but exhibits a nice Chilean Crest and "1895" date underneath.  Much of the grain in the stock is still raised and feathered....a noteworthy sign this rifle has seen very little handling.  Like many that were never issued, it shows some dings in the wood from long-term store...most Notably on the left side just under the receiver.  Some of the shallow mars could probably be lifted.  Bore is a little dirty but shows strong rifling...no signs of pitting...should clean to Excellent+ to MINT.  These Chilean Mausers represent a good bargain to collectors as they have been long been under-priced.  However, that is all beginning to change and prices have been going up every year.  Its not uncommon to see one at a show now priced in the $1200-1500 ranges.  As long as we can buy them right, we will continue to sell these for less!

Item# 1081




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