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Winchester 44-40 Reloading Tool and Bullet Mold Set

This is a nice set of original reloading tools in .44 WCF for the Winchester Model 1873 and 1892 rifles. The concept of reloading began on the commercial market with the introduction of the Model 1873 Winchester Rifle. It was one of the first weapons that chambered cartridges with central priming a.k.a. the .44 Winchester Center Fire or 44-40. Having sustainable ammunition made the repeating rifle a much more practical weapon out on the frontier where the nearest hardware or sporting good store was hundreds of miles away. These simple hand tools could be carried in a saddle bag and provided you had powder, lead, and primers, you could cast and reload all your spent cartridges with little more than these tools and a camp fire.

This set consists of the Model 1882 Reloading Tool that is complete with its original decapping pin marked "44W". These pins are used for removing spent primers from used shell casings and after 100+ years are usually lost. The mold is a 5th type with the improved walnut handles. Earlier versions of this tool were made entirely of iron which got pretty hot during casting so the addition of wood over the handles was a welcome improvement. Overall Condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 95% original blue overall. Nice set!

Item# 1697




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