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Colt Dragoon Flask --U.S. Martially Marked--

This is an original early military marked Colt Powder Flask for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Model Colt Dragoon Revolver...made from around 1850-55. Except for some slight variations in the scene, these are identical to the Colt Walker flasks. Both sides of the brass or copper body feature an embossed scene featuring cannons, mortars, drums, pikes, a brace of American and Texan flags with several Colt Paterson revolver rifles and revolvers. At the base is a banner running from the brace of revolving revolvers that reads "COLT'S PATENT". It has the spring loaded charger graduated from 35 grains of powder closed and can be adjusted up to 55 grains by loosening a small set screw and extending the top. The graduations are marked in increments of five with "35 Grs" visible in the closed position. Next to the charger is a tubular compartment for storing the Dragoon's .44 caliber ammunition. The top of the lid is stamped "COLT'S <over> PATENT" in a slight oval configuration. This flask was inspected by Captain William Anderson Thornton, who also inspected the Colt Walkers and Dragoons purchased by the US government. The top of the flask bears his initials "WAT". Colt Mf'g did not produce flasks but purchased these from three contractors...T.H. Batty & Co. of Springfield, MA, John Mathewman of New Haven, CT, and Dixon and Sons in Sheffield, England. See Robin Rapley's book on Colt Accoutrements 1834-1911 for more info.

Overall, this flask is in Good condition, 100% complete, and in working order. Even the original strap hooks (which were made triangular-shaped at Captain Samuel Walker's specific request during the Mexican-American War) are intact. The scene shows some wear but remains in very good condition with very good details. All markings are there...including the WAT inspector stamp. The body is solid with no major dings or dents. The seams between the two half-shells are solid along the bottom and sides...but slightly split leading up to and along each side of the neck. It's not enough to bother me but these could be mended back to perfect with a little effort if desired, making this a $2-3,000 example. All in all, a nice example of an early Colt Dragoon Flask that almost surely saw use in the hands of US Dragoons during the 1850's and the Civil War.

Item# 1427




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