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Smith and Wesson Safety 2nd Model DA Revolver

This is an early example of what S&W collectors call the "Lemon Squeezer". Caliber is .38 S&W with a five inch barrel. Standard nickel plating with checkered hard rubber grips. This one, a 2nd Model, has the little thumb catch for the barrel located just behind the barrel. Later, the catch is moved up to the barrel (a.k.a. the 3rd Model) before finally being changed to a lift-up style "T-Catch (4th and 5th Models). At any rate, the 2nd Model was produced for only three years from 1887-1890 with a total of 37,000+ units manufactured in the 5,000 to 42,000 range. This particular example is in the 21,000 range...circa 1888 or 1889. Note: the United States Army purchased and issued 100 of these 2nd Models to cavalry units in trials during the late 1880's but opted for the Colt Double Action New Army instead.

This one is in NRA Antique Fine+ Condition Overall with 80%+ original nickel plating. Trigger and guard show about half of their case coloring and blue respectively. Checkered hard rubber grips are quite worn with a small chip repair at the base of bottomstrap around the guide pin that have been reattached. We almost missed this as it's hard to notice. Otherwise, grips look to be fairly solid. All numbers are matching throughout including grips. Action cycles flawlessly and grip safety still engages properly. Very Good bore. A good solid example of an 1880's era S&W Double Action Safety Revolver.

Item# 7025




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