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US Model 1842 Aston Pistol Mfd in 1847 **UNTOUCHED**

This 1842 Aston is a sharp looking pistol in uncleaned attic condition. M'fd by Henry Aston of Middleton, CT in 1847, this could have seen action in both the Mexican-American and American Civil Wars. The lock and barrel are both dated 1847. Inspector cartouche is present on left side of the walnut stock opposite the lockplate. Comes with original brass hardware and captive rammer. Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with a heavy dark patina mixed with closet rust. This pistol does not show much use as underneath the crud, the markings appear to be quite sharp. The walnut stocks are solid with a good strong wrist still showing most of the original oil finish which has aged to a deep red-brown tone. Brass furniture has wonderful uncleaned patina. Action works nicely. This would make an excellent display just as it is. However, if desired, I think this one would clean up, as well as grade up, considerably with some careful cleaning.

Item# 1741




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