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Early Winchester Model 1890 Rifle

This is an early 2nd Model Winchester 1890 rifle with antique serial number in the 52,000 range w/takedown frame and case colored finish.  Standard 24" octagon barrel chambered in desirable .22 Long caliber. Over the years, we've encountered far more 90's in .22 short.  In addition to the cased frame, this rifle has survived 100% original with all of its early features intact that include early fixed sights, 2 line Winchester barrel address, and upper tang w/early style maker, model, and 1888 & 1892 patent dates. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good+ with a nice sharp look to it.  The barrel and magazine tube still show about 50-60% original age-darkened blue...balance is mostly patina.  The frame has mostly subsided to a very smooth brown patina with approximately 20% washed out case colors that have turned to a nickelly silver with just a few hints of colors around the hammer.  Bolt retains 65% original blue with balance frosted over to a light patina.  Traces of fire blue along the sides of trigger.  Very good screws through with exception of the slide-cover retaining screw on left side of frame is chipped.  Like we said, this rifle is 100% original down to the smallest screw.  If the chipped original is a problem, we will be happy to supply a proper replacement with this rifle upon request.  Nice walnut wood with most of the original varnish intact on the buttstock with nice light reddish orange hues toward the back and slightly darker up front at the wrist and forend from natural handling wear.  Great wood to metal fit.  Nice mechanics.  Takedown feature is still good and tight.  Best of all, this rifle has an excellent bore...still bright with strong rifling and almost no pitting.  Most early 1890's have pretty bad bores given the combination of black powder, corrosive priming, and such a small bore...it didn't take much neglect to ruin a bore.  This is partially why we see so many 1890's today with mail order replacement barrels.  This one has one of the best bores we've seen on a Model 1890 in a long time!   A nice example of an1890 that's in .22 long, nice-looking, antique, early case colored frame, all original, and a great bore!

Item# 8806




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