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Allen and Wheelock Single Shot Boot Pistol

This is a .36 Caliber Single Shot Center Hammer Percussion Pistol made by Allen & Wheelock of Worcester, Mass.  This one has a 9" part octagon barrel with fixed front and rear sights.  This model was made from the late 1840's up through the Civil War.  Because, Allen and Thurber changed its name to Allen and Wheelock, we can pin down its manufacture date between 1856 and 1865.  Overall, Good+ condition with mostly smooth grey metal with some slight pitting around the bolster from powder and flash residue.  Nice marking.  Simple boxlock action works properly. Very Good walnut grips with perfect wood to metal fit, no cracks or repairs, and aren't loose.  A nice example of a Civil War era Boot pistol.

Item# 0670




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