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Antique 19th Century Card Cheater Devices

You never know what you'll find in your travels! These are antique card cheaters from the late 19th century. They have two clamps...one on each end for attaching inside a gambler's shirt sleeve and the other clamp to hold a hidden card. The larger one is marked "WIZARD" with an October 22. 1899 patent date. The other three are identical and marked "WASHBURN PAT'D MAR. 27 94 (1894) FEB 4. 96 (1896). All four are made of brass with nickel plating. All three retain 90%+ original nickel plating and are in Fine to Excellent Condition. It's hard to believe US gov't patents were issued for such dastardly little devices. For display purposes only.

Item# 1471




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