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1840's Era Silver English Pocket Knife w/ Scribed Pearl Handles

This is a fantastic Silver folding pocket knife by Coxson of London.  We were told it dates to 1824 by the proofs but after taking at them ourselves, they appear to (at least me, and I'm no expert on silver) to date to years 1846/47.  Either way, its an incredible knife and in exceptionally fine condition.  The pearl grips are perfect!  After 150+ years, pearl is usually not a material that's usually in the best of shape as its highly prone to chipping, cracks, and even staining.  The etching on both handles is also in nice shape...you can see the engraver "inked" the patterns to provide better contrast and enameled the flowers...one still has a bit of red in it.  Patterns are typical of the pre-industrial revolution era 1820-1850's era.  The silver blade in in ver good shape as well.  This would complement a pearl-handled pistol revolver nicely within a display.

Item# 1013




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