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S&W Special Order Blued .38 DA Revolver --ONE OF A KIND--

This is a fantastic investment grade 4th Model .38 Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver. As I've told a few of my customers in years past, this is one addition to your collection that will ruin your life! Yes! Unfortunately, when you come across one this nice, it will put most of your prized pieces to shame in terms of condition. It seems great in the beginning but from then on, you'll want and expect all your new acquisitions to measure up to your new higher standards! There is just one problem: They're simply not out there. Welcome to the frustration of antique gun collecting!

Every couple of years we will stumble onto something this nice (Winchester, Colt, S&W, etc), but this one is even more special. It has the scarce and desirable blued finish with standard 4" barrel and checkered hard rubber grips but what makes it really unique is that it has a special order checkered trigger. The deep cross-hatch diamond checkering on the face of the trigger is impeccable and unquestionably factory work. This one has teeth and gives this otherwise mundane looking S&W pocket revolver an entirely different look. It also has a special order front sight instead of the standard steel blade. In all my years in business, I've never come across a Smith and Wesson with either of these two features.

Another desirable feature is that it has an antique serial number in the 362,000 range which makes it a pre-1898 antique (under 382,000). Being late 1890's, it has the famous Smith and Wesson monogram stamped on the right side of the frame and the late barrel address on the top rib with 1880, 1882, AND 1889 patent dates. Overall Condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 99% strong original blue on the barrel, cylinder, and frame...a few minor scratches and a fleck or two of blue missing, but nice strong inky blue/black original Smith and Wesson blue and not a rework! Original! Excellent case colors on the trigger and hammer. The numbers are matching on the frame, barrel, and cylinder, but strangely, the latch is slightly off in the 363,000 range. It appears original to the gun and most likely left the factory with it as there are no signs its ever been off the gun. If this gun was ever shot, it was just a few times and put away. The mechanics are perfect and the bore is stone mint! Barrel to frame lockup is super tight. Grips are excellent with sharp checkering with no chips or cracks. You can even read the tiny patent date at the bottom edge of the left grip...these are usually worn off. This one has it all in terms of uniqueness and condition and it hasn't left my desk since we found it...I can't stop looking at it. That said, it will be sad to see it go as I'll probably never see another like it!

Item# 1988




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