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Bore Reflector by Bland & Sons

This is the first time we've come across one of this type. It's an early style bore mirror marked "Bland & Sons". It's similar in concept to the Winchester Model 1892 Bore Mirror. This would be placed in the back of a breech loading rifle to view the bore...which due to the slanted mirror...could be viewed from the chamber end as well as from the muzzle. Just think about all the money that gets spent on fancy bore lights, batteries, etc. when this little gizmo which is 100+ years old can do what all those lights can't...show you the bore from the chamber end. Features solid brass construction with a small mirror inside. It has a cylindrical protective case that fits over the device so the mirror won't get cracked or tarnished. Both the case and device have a small lanyard loop on the ends where a chain or string would be mounted...part of the original string is still on one end. Very Good Condition Overall with a nice mirror that isn't tarnished or chipped. A very rare early breech-loading rifle accessory.

Item# 1465




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