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Pearl-Handled Knife w/ Original Leather Scabbard

This is a fantastic little knife from the 19th century. It looks a lot like a scaled down Bowie knife...perhaps meant for a lady. Blade measures 5", and 8-1/4" long from tip to handle. Ricasso is unmarked. The handle is solid mother of pearl that has somehow survived in perfect shape. Normally pearl of this age is badly cracked, chipped, or repaired. Someone was very careful with this knife. The cross guard and the end caps on the leather scabbard are mounted in brass. The scabbard is in very good shape for its age, still retaining 85% of its black finish with all stitching intact. The only bad thing I can say about this knife is the blade. Being in contact with the blade over time, the leather scabbard has some light corrosion and pitting to form. Still, a wonderful knife and one that would go great with a pearl-handled revolver, derringer, or pepperbox pistol.

Item# 1392




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