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Bacon Style circa 1850 Ring Trigger Percussion Boot Pistol

This is an attractive single shot percussion pistol that dates to the mid-19th century. Bag-shaped grips appear to be rosewood. Part octagon/round barrel is .36 caliber measures 4" in length. Brass frame and straps are simply engraved with modest scrolls along each side and down the backstrap. It's well made but was never marked. Similar to an 1850's era revolving pepperbox pistol with its bar hammer and double action ring trigger. I'm fairly convinced this is American made as it has no foreign proofs, the engraving is simple compared to English styles, not to mention it bears strong similarities to guns made by Bacon and Allen & Thurber during the 1840's and 50's.

Overall, NRA Antique Good+ to Very Good. The steel is all bright from a light cleaning many years ago that retains respectable lines and fairly decent contours. The brass still has all of its original engraving visible. Grips are in VG+ to Fine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. The double action design would have been quite the deal back in the 1850's as very few guns possessed this level of technology...not even Colt revolvers. The action works nicely and can be inspected by removing the brass access plate located on the left side of the frame. Poor Bore: Rifling in bore has almost worn smooth with some scattered roughness which is not unusual for a 160 year old muzzle loader. This guns displays quite well, as well as an interesting piece of Americana.

Item# 6001




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