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British Brunswick/Victoria Cavalry Carbine

This is a very nice example of a scarcely encountered British Carbine that is quite possibly unfired. I've seen these called various names over the years but the most common term seems to be the Victoria Cavalry Carbine.  Its in .75 caliber smoothbore with fixed sights, 26" round barrel, saddle ring bar, captive ramrod, border-line engraved lock/hammer, and brass regulation furniture.  This is also the scarce early design with the rare back-action lockplate ...almost every one you see has the later style lockplate..  Its built almost exactly like a 1st Pattern Brunswick rifle and was built by Lacy & Co. of London with the barrel secured by metal keys, a hook breech, and of course, the unique Brunswick back action lockplate.  Not by coincidence, Lacy also one of the original Contractors for the Brunswick rifle to the British Government during the 1830's and 40's.  This one was probably built prior to the year 1844 when the back-action lock was being phased out in favor of the more traditional front-action lockplates.  There are no British military acceptance markings.  I've seen a couple of these a few years ago with the East India Trade Company Lion but this one must have been for a volunteer militia or a private purchase that never got issued.  There are no unit markings on the buttplate or the wood. 

I must say that for a cavalry weapon, this carbine remains in exceptionally nice shape.  TheOverall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ with 50% of the original browning still remaining over the twisted barrel.  The bolster, breech, and tang still retain 90% bright original case colors while the case colors on the lockplate have faded showing only slight mottled colors with the balance turning silvery grey patina.  There are no signs of corrosion or finish loss from powder or priming residue at the breech.  This carbine could quite possibly still be unfired.  The wood is in  fine condition with most of its original finish intact and lots of raised grain.  There are several light scratches and dings but no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Nice sharp profiles with perfect wood to metal fit.  Brass furniture has turned to a nice mellow patina with a little shine glowing through....it looks completely untouched.  Nice action.  My bore light is eluding me but shining a flashlight down the barrel indicates it is exc with lots of shine all the way to the breech plug.  All in all, an exceptionally nice example of this rare little carbine.

Item# 0409




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